GOALS Team Publications

Barcos-Muñoz, L., et al.
2017, ApJ, 843,117
A 33 GHz Survey of Local Major Mergers: Estimating the Sizes of the Energetically Dominant Regions from High Resolution Mesurements of the Radio Continuum
Diaz-Santos, T., et al.
2017, ApJ, 846, 32
A Herschel/PACS Far Infrared Line Emission Survey of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies
(Data Tables: Table 1- [OI], [OIII], [NII], [CII] line fluxes. Table 2- AGN fractions.)
Linden, S., et al.
2017, ApJ, 843, 91
Massive Star Cluster Formation and Destruction in Luminous Infrared Galaxies in GOALS
Ricci, C., et al.
2017, MNRAS, 468, 1273
Growing supermassive black holes in the late stages of galaxy mergers are heavily obscured PRESS Release.
Chu, J., et al.
2017, ApJS, 229, 25
The Great Observatories All-Sky LIRG Survey: Herschel Image Atlas and Aperture Photometry
Privon, G., et al.
2017, ApJ, 835, 213
The Dense Molecular Gas and Nuclear Activity in the ULIRG IRAS 13120-5453
Lu, N., et al.
2017, ApJS, 230, 1
A Herschel Space Observatory Spectral Line Survey of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies from 194 to 671 Microns
Larson, K., et al.
2016, ApJ, 825, 128
Morphology and Molecular Gas Fractions of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies as a Function of Infrared Luminosity and Merger Stage
Psychogyios, A., et al.
2016, A&A, 591, 1
Morphological classification of local luminous infrared galaxies
Lu, N., et al.
2015, ApJ, 802, 11
Measuring Star Formation Rate and Far-infrared Color in High-redshift Galaxies Using the CO(7-6) and [N II] 205 um Lines
Medling, A., et al.
2015, ApJ, 803, 61
Following Black Hole Scaling Relations Through Gas-Rich Mergers
Medling, A., et al.
2015, MNRAS, 448, 2301
Shocked Gas in IRAS F17207-0014: ISM Collisions and Outflows
Rich, J., et al.
2015, ApJS, 221, 28
Galaxy Mergers Drive Shocks: An Integral Field Study of GOALS Galaxies
Vardoulaki, E., et al.
2015, A&A, 574, 4
Radio Continuum Properties of Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Identifying the Presence of an AGN in the Radio
Xu, C.K. et al.
2015, ApJ, 799, 11
ALMA Observations of Warm Dense Gas in NGC 1614 - Breaking the Star Formation Law in the Central kpc
Barcos-Munoz, L., et al.
2015, ApJ, 799, 10
High Resolution Continuum Measurements of the Nuclear Disks of Arp 220
Petty, S. et al.
2014, AJ, 148, 111
The FUV to NIR Morphologies of LIRGs in the GOALS Sample
Stierwalt, S. et al.
2014, ApJ, 790, 124
Mid-IR Properties of LIRGs II: Probing the Dust and Gas Physics of the GOALS Sample
Diaz-Santos, T. et al.
2014, ApJ, 788, L17
Extended [CII] Emission in Local LIRGs
Lu, N. et al.
2014, ApJ, 787, L23
Warm Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Xu, C. K. et al.
2014, ApJ, 787, 48
ALMA Observations of Warm Molecular Gas and Cold Dust in NGC 34
Medling, A. et al.
2014, ApJ, 784, 70
Stellar and Gaseous Nuclear Disks Observed in Nearby (U)LIRGs
Rich, J.A. et al.
2014, ApJ, 781L, 12
Composite Spectra in Merging U/LIRGs Caused by Shocks
Inami, H. et al.
2013, ApJ, 777, 156
Mid-Infrared Atomic Fine-Structure Emission-Line Spectra of Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Spitzer/IRS Spectra of the GOALS Sample (two list including all line fluxes can be found here (SH: 10-18um) and here (LH: 18-35um)
U, V. et al.
2013, ApJ, 775, 115
The Inner Kiloparsec of Mrk 273 with Keck Adaptive Optics
Haan, S. et al.
2013, MNRAS, 434, 1264
The Build-Up of Nuclear Stellar Cusps in Extreme Starburst Galaxies and Major Mergers (click here for a brief summary of the results)
Diaz-Santos, T. et al.
2013, ApJ, 774, 68
Explaining the [CII] 157um Deficit in Luminous Infrared Galaxies - First Results from a Herschel/PACS Study of the GOALS Sample.
The complete table including all Herschel data used in this paper can be found here (negative values indicate upper limits). The columns are as described in the caption of Table 1 in the paper (click on link on the left) plus an additional column (#5) with the redshift of the galaxies (the IRS pointings are not included here).
Privon, G. C. et al.
2013, ApJ, 771, 120
Dynamical Modeling of Galaxy Mergers Using Identikit (click for a brief description and videos)
Kim, D.-C. et al.
2013, ApJ, 768, 102
Huble Space Telescope ACS Imaging of the GOALS Sample: Quantitative Structural Properties of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies with LIR > 10^11.4 Lsun
Murphy, E. J. et al.
2013, ApJS, 768, 2
Radio and Mid-Infrared Properties of Compact Starbursts: Distancing Themselves from the Main Sequence
Stierwalt, S. et al.
2013, ApJS, 206, 1
Mid-Infrared Properties of Nearby Luminous Infared Galaxies I: Spitzer IRS Spectra for the GOALS Sample. (Supplementary data: IRS slit images (Fig.1 from Stierwalt, et al.)). Note this file is 54Mb in size
Zhao, Y. et al.
2013, ApJL, 765, 13
A Herschel Survey of the [NII] 205um Line in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies - The [NII] 205um Emission as a Star Formation Rate Indicator (click here for a brief summary of the results)
U, V. et al.
2012, ApJS, 203, 9
Spectral Energy Distributions of Local Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Mazarella, J.M. et al.
2012, AJ, 144, 125
Investigation of Dual Active Nuclei, Outflows, Shock-Heated Gas, and Young Star Clusters In Markarian 266
Modica, F. et al.
2012, AJ, 143, 16
Multi-wavelength GOALS Observations of Star Formation and AGN Activity in the Luminous Infrared Galaxy IC 883
Rich, J.A. et al.
2012, ApJ, 753, 5
An Integral Field Study of Abundance Gradients in nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Diaz-Santos, T. et al.
2011, ApJ, 741, 32
The Spatial Extent of (U)LIRGs in the Mid-Infrared II: Feature Emission
Leroy, A.K. et al.
2011, ApJ, 739, 25L
Complex Radio Spectral Energy Distributions in Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Rich, J. A. et al.
2011, ApJ, 734, 87
Galaxy-wide Shocks in Late-merger Stage Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Iwasawa, K. et al.
2011, A&A, 529, A106
C-GOALS: Chandra observations of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxies from the IRAS Revised Bright Galaxy Survey
(Supplementary data: cgoalsolfig.pdf)
Iwasawa, K. et al.
2011, A&A, 528, A137
The Location of an Active Nucleus and the Soft X-Ray Shadowing by a Tidal Tail in the ULIRG Mrk 273
Haan, S. et al.
2011, AJ, 141, 100
The Nuclear Structure in Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies: HST NICMOS Imaging of the GOALS Sample
(Supplementary data: Fig2_online_MIPS-contours.pdf, Fig2_online_H-contours.pdf, Fig7_online.pdf, Tab_nuclear_separations.pdf)
Dopita, M. A. et al.
2011, Astrophysics & Space Science, 333,225
Modeling IR Spectral Energy Distributions: A Pilot Study of Starburst Parameters and Silicate Absorption Curves for Some GOALS Galaxies
Petric, A. et al.
2011, ApJ, 730, 28
Mid-Infrared Spectral Diagnostics of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Diaz-Santos, T. et al.
2010, ApJ, 723, 993
The Spatial Extent of (U)LIRGs in the Mid-Infrared I: The Continuum Emission
Inami, H. et al.
2010, AJ, 140, 63
The Buried Starburst in the Interacting Galaxy II Zw 096 as Revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope
Howell, J. et al.
2010, ApJ, 715, 572
The Great Observatories All-sky LIRG Survey: Comparison of Ultraviolet and Far-infrared Properties
Armus, L. et al.
2009, PASP, 121, 559
GOALS: The Great Observatories All-Sky LIRG Survey
Iwasawa, K. et al.
2009, ApJ, 695, 103
High-Ionization Fe K Emission From Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Evans, A. et al.
2008, ApJ, 675, 69L
Off-Nuclear Star-Formation and Obscured Activity in the Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 2623
Howell, J. et al.
2007, AJ, 134, 2086
Tracing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Warm Dust Emission in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068
Sanders, D. B. et al.
2003, AJ, 126. 1607
The IRAS Revised Bright Galaxy Sample